Stuart Leigh & George Lefferts - TUNING in the USA - BOOKS 1-2

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Stuart Leigh & George Lefferts - TUNING in the USA - BOOKS 1-2

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Stuart Leigh & George Lefferts - TUNING in the USA - BOOKS 1-2 краткое содержание

Прочтите описание перед тем, как прослушать онлайн аудиокнигу «Stuart Leigh & George Lefferts - TUNING in the USA - BOOKS 1-2» бесплатно полную версию:
Welcome to Tuning In the U.S.A., the exciting new American radio series created to inspire English learning around the world. In 52 programs, you will experience English in action and learn about American culture. Tuning In the U.S.A. is for everyone who has studied English for at least one year and wants to improve his or her understanding of the language. Each radio program tells a story about the Stewarts, a typical American family living in New York. You will see the family in everyday situations, and you will share their many experiences as you hear English spoken naturally. You will also travel with Richard Stewart as he visits places in the U.S., such as Nashville, New Orleans, and Denver. The unique format of each radio program includes the following:


Here are the people you will meet in Tuning In the U.S.A.
MALCOLM STEWART: also known as Grandpa, 72, a retired engineer who lives with his son and his son's family in Riverdale, New York
PHILLIP STEWART: Malcolm's son, 50, a doctor
ELLEN STEWART: Philip's wife, 50, a homemaker and a former music teacher
RICHARD STEWART: Philip and Ellen's older son, 30, a photographer
MARYLIN STEWART: Richard's wife, 29, a salesclerk in a boutique and a clothing designer
ROBBIE STEWART: Philip and Ellen's younger son, 17, a senior in high school
SUSAN STEWART: Philip and Ellen's daughter, 28, a vice-president of a toy company, unmarried and living in an apartment in Manhattan
HARRY BENETTE: an accountant, 33, a widower who dates Susan
ALEXANDRA PAPPAS: an exchange student from Greece, 16, Robbie's friend
ANDREAS STEWART: Alexandra's cousin, 19, a university student from Greece who is visiting the U.S.
MOLLY BAKER: a nurse, 43, who works with Philip in the hospital
BILL MACDONALD: a reporter, 40, for the Riverdale News.
… and other friends and business associates


PROGRAM 1 «Happy Birthday»
PROGRAM 2 «A Great Idea»
PROGRAM 3 «Music Under the Stars»
PROGRAM 4 «Two for the Road»
PROGRAM 5 «Driving Lessons»
PROGRAM 6 «The Power of the Press»
PROGRAM 7 «A County Fair»
PROGRAM 8 «Write for the Job»
PROGRAM 9 «A Woolly Adventure»
PROGRAM 10 «The Heart of Country Music»
PROGRAM 11 «After-School Activities»
PROGRAM 12 «Getting to Know You»
PROGRAM 13 «Take Me Out to the Ball Game»
PROGRAM 14 «New Orleans: A Mix of Cultures»
PROGRAM 15 «A House Call»
PROGRAM 16 «Washington, D.C.: The Nation's Capital»
PROGRAM 17 «A Picnic Indoors»
PROGRAM 18 «Go West, Young Man»
PROGRAM 19 «Just Like the Old Days»
PROGRAM 20 «The Spirit of the West»
PROGRAM 21 «A Computer Does the Job»
PROGRAM 22 «The Ways of the Navajos»
PROGRAM 23 «Music! Music! Music!»
PROGRAM 24 «A Newspaper Deadline»
PROGRAM 25 «A Day on the Farm»
PROGRAM 26 «A Surprise Party»
PROGRAM 27 «Moving In»
PROGRAM 28 «just the Two of Us»
PROGRAM 29 «1 Didn't Mean To»
PROGRAM 30 «A Song From Long Ago»
PROGRAM 31 «Recycling»
PROGRAM 32 «A Getaway Vacation»
PROGRAM 33 «It's a Deal»
PROGRAM 34 «The Great Northwest»
PROGRAM 35 «Ethnic Food»
PROGRAM 36 «Riverdale Day»
PROGRAM 37 «On the Nature Trail»
PROGRAM 38 «The Windy City»
PROGRAM 39 «Such a Good Teacher»
PROGRAM 40 «The Motor City»
PROGRAM 41 «College Bound»
PROGRAM 42 «The Health Run''
PROGRAM 43 »Continuing Education"
PROGRAM 44 «They're Playing Our Song»
PROGRAM 45 «Campus Life»
PROGRAM 46 «The Volunteers»
PROGRAM 47 «The Life of Riley»
PROGRAM 48 «Lost and Found»
PROGRAM 49 «A Dark and Stormy Night»
PROGRAM 50 «The Wooden Whistle»
PROGRAM 51 «And Justice for All»
PROGRAM 52 «Home, Sweet Home»

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